Gender Issues In Rap Music

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Today, the things we see and hear have a large impact on our values. Music is a very influential art form to all ages, especially rap music. With the right goal in mind, along with proper lyrics, rap music can be a good thing. A song that tells a story or brings motivation to its listeners rather than influence poor behavior. In its current form, rap music is doing very little good for its listeners and can have a negative impact on those who choose to listen. The issue is especially present in male rappers. The lyrics in these songs contain messages about mistreating women, causing violence, and have an unnecessary amount of profane language. Rap music greatly affects society's values, arguably in a very poor manner. A very present issues in rap lyrics is how the rappers talk about women. These can range anywhere from talking about rape to simply saying they want to have intercourse…show more content…
In the media, I see people very dissatisfied with all races and their use of the “n word” yet it appears very frequently in rap music. Blacks frown upon whites using this word because it was first used as a derogatory term towards black people by white racists. Yet, blacks choose to use this term among one another even after considering the meaning and its previous use in history. People have become so use to the word because of how much it is used. “No Heart” by 21 Savage, which I quoted earlier, uses the n word twenty plus times throughout the song. On top of that, a profane word appears in his lyrics upwards of forty five times. This is a very poor use of the words and does not bestow proper values on its listeners. This frequent use of profane language also does nothing to add to the music, it can even be downgrading to the rappers credibility. However, a younger listener may not realize the violence present in these lyrics and cause them to use these words in their daily
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