Gender Issues In Social Media

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Over the decades social media has begun to down play the real issues that race, gender, diversity, and violence have shown in major growth. It gives the modern society the perception that the issues are not serious enough to need a great deal of attention and should not be the main priority that needs a resolution. The entertainment and media worlds have corrupted the minds of young people and created a tunnel vision scheme for them, which causes them to not realize how they are personally affected when certain life situations are upon them. As well as how personally the next person is affected with their choice in words or simply what response they give on a subject that is presented without knowing the factual meaning. Modern entertainment and media has created the negative factor for these four aspects. Violence is shown within the media by the lyrics content that artist uses and the guns that are shown in music videos. Parents should consider the message that is being sent to their children when they watch videos or allow them to idolize certain artist or athletes. Racial problems have been broadcasted all throughout the media and have caused the formation of the same ethnic groups to unite. Gender has always been a problem and one of the topics that contains the most stereotypes due to the world have such a male dominate society. Through the different articles and perspectives, it will be shown and give the audience different view that the never thought about. To some
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