Gender Stereotypes Summary

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This book written by Zehra Yaşın Dökmen. She is a scholar in University and her book is include sociologically gender issue. Book examine the gender problem about sociologic sides. It emerged by six parts. These parts are gender and social psychology , theories related to gender , gender stereotypes and gender discrimination , the handling of gender roles in the media , sex differences and lastly the results of the gender stereotypes and gender roles. First part of book , gender and social psychology. Society behave different men and women. It gives different responsibilities them. For example, women should do chores and men should gain money for family, according the patriarchal society. Sex and gender differences. Sex is about biological…show more content…
In consumer societies , Turkey is one of them, commercials is significant persuasion tool. It increase product’s blandishments and redirects the customers. Also of course , commercials has gender roles. In commercials for men, saying that if you buy this product , you will be more successful in your work and become more social person. Otherwise for women, saying that if you buy this product, men can like you more than past or you spend good time with your family. These all about gender stereotypes. Nowadays, it decreasing in commercials , however it is not destroying. A study In United States shows that commercials for women and related to women stereotypes during the day, however in weekends commercials for men and related to men stereotypes. Gender stereotypes for commercial can change by cultures and the…show more content…
These differents are made by a complex exchange of natural, formative, and social methodologies. Women and Men comparing different ways always. In this topic, do many research and a number of research suggested. Between two sex, there is various differences , some differences biological , cultural and sociological things. Society always say that men more intelligence than women , women are talkative, men good at math and women good at verbal areas. On the other hand there is a important thing about that doing research in these topics, it is discussable issues and extremely open the prejudice. Science should be objective and do not the nominative, however we can not say always like

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