Gender Issues In The Hunger Games

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Although the Australian modern era strives as a peaceful country and is sustainable, there are concerns in our generation that affects the way we live. The Hunger Games (published in 2008) by Suzanne Collins, clearly states the concerns that should not be forgotten or ignored in the modern era. Gender equality is a major concern that is still not completely known as a general rule in society, and has to be pointed out. The experience of the poor and the role of the government are also extreme concerns that must be accounted for. These concerns are looked thoroughly through the eyes of Katniss Everdeen as the society of Panem believes that women are weaker than males socially and physically, The Hunger Games state that death through starvation…show more content…
The Hunger Games, a novella written by Suzanne Collins set in the dystopian future of Panem. The reoccurring theme and concept of authority is shown through the eyes and thoughts of Katniss Everdeen. Katniss chooses to rebel against the main power of authority, the totalitarian government of the Capitol through small acts throughout the novel. Suzanne Collins gives us a very one sided view throughout the novel as Katniss Everdeen and her fellow district residents are forced into an arena for the entertainment of the wealthy citizens of the communist ways of the capitol. Collin’s shows how Katniss has been affected by this and how her free will was taken away from her. Collin 's also shows the benefits of the hunger games and how it has given her a limited amount of positive…show more content…
“At eleven years old, with Prim just seven, I took over as head of the family” In this quote, the use of short, emphatic straight to the point phrases makes the reader really feel the dire situation that Katniss was thrown into after her father’s death. The death of Mr. Everdeen, a mining explosion almost only indirectly created by the poor working conditions the Capitol provides for these slaving miners, forces Katniss to mature well beyond her years and form constructive opinions on the type of authority the Capitol use. “Days of hunting and gathering for this one meal and even then it would be a poor substitute for the Capitol Version” Use of a weak metaphor or symbolism covers up the real message of what Katniss is thinking, which is an idea similar to the earlier quote. Katniss is showing that the Capitol is enslaving these district residents to provide the resources for them to use their “Capitol Version”, usually taking the best cuts of meat or wool the day’s work provides. This leaves the district residents, like said focused individual, with scraps and the need to hunt illegally for more. It is clearly expressed through the tone of these quotes that the interaction between Katniss and the Capitol from a very young age is full of one sided resent and anger,
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