Gender Issues Of Rape

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A topic that has dominated the media over the past few months has been rape and sexual assault allegations. These largely public cases have dominated the public’s eye and there seems to be more of a discussion regarding these topics than ever before. These allegations have resulted in more public discussions, which have been both positive and negative. Rape is no longer seen as the problem of a woman, but a problem both genders face. Through oppression of female gender stereotypes, victims of both genders have suffered through the socialization process when it comes to sexual assault and rape cases. This paper will aim to answer how traditional gender roles affect themes of sexual assault and rape in the court system. There tends to be a strong stigmatization between a potential victim and a significant reason for the negative perceptions people have towards victims. Through a feminist lens this paper will discuss the historical development of rape and sexual assault, men as victims and the act of victim blaming in today’s society.

The Male Victim There has been numerous feminist researchers and activists which have pointed to rape and sexual assault as being a ‘women’s issue’ (Javaid, 2014). Due to this, there has been a large underrepresentation of male victims. Although there is such a large gap in the research of male sexual assault and rape victims, using a feminist lens aids in how to view the concepts of traditional gender roles and how it was
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