Gender Justice Case Study

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II) Articles:
Comparative Study on Gender Justice, Author: Upasana Mukherjee. In her article on gender justice she writes about gender justice prevailing in India and other countries. She writes that it is very difficult to have complete justice towards genders in India the reasons being the diversity in cultures, subcultures, rigidity in traditions and beliefs, lack of education, lack of development, poverty, improper enforcement of law, deep rooted patriarchy which leader to subversive conditions of women in our society, she writes about various law prevailing in the country. Gender hierarchies in Europe and USA are more balanced than that in India. She expresses her opinion that although a lot has been done in securing gender justice,
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She emphasis on the important and has emphasis on the important and implacability of minimum wages and maternity benefits Acts established which extends the coverage and scope of such legislation which makes a marginal difference to women condition at workplace but in practice this is not seen and often discrimination is practiced at workplace.
In the article, “Gender stereotypes in the workplace and discrimination it creates” by Danica Dodds, highlights the negative effects that gender stereotypes produce fro women in the workplace. It also says that not only women, men are also affected especially homosexual men for not acting masculine enough. The article also sows that gender stereotypes leads to various form of discrimination such in wages, recruitment and promotional practices, sexual discrimination and pregnancy discrimination.
In the article, “Types of discrimination in the workplace” by Scott Boyd explained two forms of discrimination in the work place and i.e. Experience discrimination and Job-type discrimination. The first one says that discrimination take place based on one’s age. And according to second form of discrimination, the author says that discrimination take place on one’s job role. People are looked down upon not because of their skills, but because of the job done by them. People in the lower position are always looking down
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Poverty, social structure of the society, lack of education, infrastructure inadequacies and traditional practices are some of the factors responsible for under-development of girl child. The article also throws light on different forms of discrimination faced by girl child. And main reason for such discrimination is biological difference between males and
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