Gender Language In Japan

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Gender Language in Japan The study of language and gender has had a big impact on Japanese ideology. The use of Japanese language in Japan include, how the language reveals attitudes towards gender and how people use the language by speaking and writing in ways that reflect gender. In Japan for instance, gender differences in Japanese language used to be very recognizable, but recently the language has become more gender natural as the language evolved. The status of women equality struggle to prove they are just as hard working and loyal as men in Japan. Also it makes the women’s movement more complex when there is a division between men and women’s language. With that in mind, they have less freedom, rights, and have the burdens of society…show more content…
Westernization and modernization happened rapidly and Japanese wanted to hold on to their culture and identity, because of this nihonjinron was created and also speaking in gendered language become more important as it meant being unique from western culture. The use of gender language in japan has placed men and women in a certain way by controlling, dominating, or patronizing each other by the use of the language. According to Murasaki Shikibu, during time periods men thought of women differently. For instance, during the Heian period “Women should maintain feminine speech and not interfere with men’s affairs.” Then during the Genroku period “Women using male speech are disgusting and should learn to speak tenderly”. During the Edo Period (Mid-Edo period) “women-servants of samurai families used court-ladies” language (Latter half of Edo period) “Court ladies language became standard female language” lastly, Meiji period, Westernization and modernization. It wasn’t until the Meiji Era, language was more thought of as a distinction of social class. During the Edo period is where women and men language started to become gendered. Before the Edo period, women’s language was only seen as women are unintelligent because they were not allowed to go to school like men were. Women did not have options they were strictly only housewives. Another influence that keeps gender language in use is relatives. They influence the use of gender language because to them it is only natural. Furthermore, education and socializing can have a gender influence while communicating with others and writing. For instance, People only talk informal with their close friends, family members, and social
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