Gender Manipulation In Macbeth

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Kevin Ayoung
Jamie Bacigalupo
English 12th International
January 11th, 2015

The following essay will be focused on answering throughout it a combination of the questions: Who is more evil: Lady Macbeth or Macbeth? As well as combining that to a real world situation that will be related to power and how this play relates to life today.

In the play analyzed in class written by William Shakespeare named Macbeth we can understand the role of manipulation of one being to another in this case we can name it as a gender manipulation as Lady Macbeth is attempting and she actually those manipulate Macbeth on having that ambition that she has about power. Now, talking about politics and how presidents or social groups have been fighting for power, we can go on forever since there are numerous examples about it. A clear example of the application of the manipulation that is clearly viewed in Macbeth throughout 2014 is the extremist group ISIS, that throughout mass media has communicated with thousands of young minds in disposition of killing and defending their thoughts to fight for the Islam God “Allah”, but there is where our thoughts come into place, how what it seemed to be a small group of religious extremist manage to gather from all around the world people in disposition to fight for their beliefs? That is where the connection from the play comes in place, this happened all by manipulation and the intelligence of speech as Lady M had. The keywords that will appear in the
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