Gender Nonconformity In Relation To Homosexuality

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This article will look at the use of gender Nonconformity in relation to homosexuality in cases that occurred within the United States (Neo liberal) which deals with gender, sexuality and who is suitable to gain asylum. Neo liberal state “is a less regulatory state with regards to private life” (Michael & Cheryl, 2012:1087), this allows the market to decide who is best to get benefits, it “seeks to regulate markets and sexuality showing less concern in the sexual area” Michael &Cheryl (p.1087). For Example Michael &Cheryl (p.1087) stated that” the government in East Germany was liberal in terms of women’s rights than west Germany “. Being gay publicly in the United States as said by Michael and Cheryl (2012:1078) leads to “Discrimination in various market places labour market and marriage market, United states won’t recognize homosexuality”, but instances such as asylum grants gay men and lesbians who are persecuted based on their orientation (pg.1087). To make a claim “gay and lesbian applicants must make cases that they belong to a social group of persecuted homosexuals in their country stating their status as a sexual minority” (Michael & Cherylp.1088), therefore it can be seen that judges have the discretion to decide who is applicable. Michael &Cheryl (p.1088) further comment that gay and lesbian asylum cases “gives an insight as to how the …show more content…

In (Razkane v Holder, 2009) “where a gay man was served a notice in court to the Department of homeland security based on his visa” (Michael &Cheryl, 2012:1090), he presented himself as a gay man and supported this with the claim that him returning to morocco will lead to his persecution, he brought evidence on the mistreatment of homosexuals in morocco (Razkane 2000). He was denied by the IJ “on his appearance….” (Razkan 2009,

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