Gender Norms In Kilanga Summary

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Feminism/Gender “Women are expected to wear just the one style of garment and no other. But the men, now that is a course of different color” (44). Rachel made observations about gender norms in Kilanga, which are not that different from the U.S. culture. Back in the 1960s, women did not have much rights and opportunities to present and express their thoughts and opinions. Just like wearing clothes, they did not get a chance to choose based on their individual preference. Instead, they are restricted by the rules of a specific style of garment. On the contrary, not matter where, men are free to wear anything they like. Even Rachel, who is extremely self-centred, noticed this unjustified social norm. Thus, it can be seen that the unfairness…show more content…
They kiss, and he then confides a secret in her: Patrice Lumumba is going to be killed. Rachel decides to ignore about the president’s assassination when Axelroot revealed this to her. She was not aware of the significant of the revelation. Instead, she thinks that, “That was a likely story. I almost felt sorry for Axelroot, wanting so bad to impress me into kissing him again that he’d made up ridiculous stories”(294). Rachel’s personality again indicates that even world-changing news can mean nothing to someone so tragically self-centered. Additionally, her ignorance of the crucial news eventually lead to her family’s unpreparedness for the complete chaos after the death of the president. By the time of the president’s death, Orleanna describes their family’s destiny as “on the wings of an owl the fallen Congo came to haunt even our little family, we messengers of goodwill adrift on a sea of mistaken intentions ”(323). Clearly, the president’s death has huge negative impact on the Price family. Yet, if Rachel realized the significance of this assassination by the time Axelroot told her, her family will not end up in this desolate situation and would have been more prepared for future
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