Gender Opportunity In Literature Analysis

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1. Introduction The dynamic interplay between economic growth & equality of opportunity (EOp) is one of the most compelling topics of development economics. An increasing number of studies are investigating the degree of the correlation between economic growth & EOp. Within different grounds of EOps (i.e. age, education, income, gender, race, political/religious belief, ethnicity etc.), the equality of gender opportunity concept is well-known & considered to have instrumental influence to the prospect of economic growth. This thought is important regardless of the economic status of a country, such as developing or developed and associated with economic, educational, socio-political & cultural aspects. The aim of this study is therefore to review different literatures & explore the theoretical connection of economic growth & equality of gender opportunity. As a final point, the essay will relate the observed findings to a case of the EU member states. 2. Economic growth & quality of gender opportunity in the literature In recent years, a considerable amount of literature has been published on gender equality & its relation to economic growth & development. In a study of gender equality & growth, Braunstein (2011) argued that one of the most undeniable policy issues extended by the development practitioners now-a-days is that lack of equal gender opportunity or gender inequality is detrimental to economic growth. According to him, the clear-cut economic choice in favor of

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