The Robber Bride Feminist Analysis

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From the very beginning of time, society has never properly treated both genders as equals. It has been noted and observed that men have always been inherently gifted in being both powerful and dominant. As opposed to the women who are in possession of no such traits except to always be submissive and dutiful. In relations to gender inequality, oppression is a mechanism used by the men to assert total supremacy and jurisdiction over their inferiors in hopes of stunting these woman of reaching their fullest potential and it is only the most powerful women who exudes confidence and euphoria in hopes of establishing fairness. Margaret Atwood was one such author to terminate these outdated imposed treatments. She strived to conceptualize the importance…show more content…
Zenia, the femme fatale, psychologically controls everyone including her ex best friends and their spouse/boyfriend. She is simultaneously dominating her friends by being sexually engaged with their men, a treacherous form of manipulation. Critics have praised this work of modern literature who appeals to both acitivts and readers by informing them that “the feminism to be read in Atwood 's novels is not the feminism to be discovered in feminist textbooks." (Tolan 1). Even though Zenia is constantly being referred to as a sex symbol, she does not let herself be degraded, abused or exploited by anyone. Instead, she uses this advantage on her preys (her friends) because she knows they cannot withstand the same treatment she goes through thus resulting in her trying to break each of her friends
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