Traditional Femininity

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This paper will illustrate the oppression women face as a result of traditional gender roles and how feminists are working to eradicate such gender norms. Along with how and why women’s muliebrity has such a dramatic impact on their confidence. Traditional gender roles define femininity as “the qualities of being female”. The example of “she celebrates her femininity by wearing makeup and high heels” is used as a description. Gender roles are traditionally how each gender should think, speak, dress, and interact in order to appear appropriately within the context of society.
I often feel out of place as I am not fitting into the category I am meant to. My outward appearance checks the boxes of the an ideal women in terms of traditional gender roles. I am greeted with ‘bro shakes’ and fist bumps by the men in my life while I am bombarded by strangers grabbing hands when going out. This difference is a result of my appearance not being a reflection of who I am as an individual. I am not naturally flirty and never seek attention. This is caused by how women in society are seen only on the surface level as objects rather than someone with complexity. I convey my identity through my thoughts, feelings and words more readily
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Throughout history society has been conditioned to judge a book by it’s cover. This began through the social construction of beauty through the modeling industry which implemented the ideas that for a woman to have personality they must first achieve beauty through makeup, skin care and hair styling(Dixon and Dixon, 1963). Social media becoming such a large platform caused these traditional gender roles to become more ingrained and prominent. A result of this is women self deprecating as they are bombarded with pictures of women being ‘everything they aren’t ’ instead of looking at the beauty within
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