Gender Pay Disparity

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In an ideal world all races and genders should be paid equally for working the same job. Unfortunately even in our first world country, and all other countries around the globe, this is not the case. It is absolutely unacceptable that some women receive less pay than men simply because of their gender. Our country must unite and strive to eliminate gender pay differences, as it is an embarrassment to our government; several organizations are working to close this pay gap between men and women. One cannot begin the discussion of gender pay gap without defining it. Essentially, the gender pay gap is the inequality between men and women wages. This is an important international issue; women are paid an average of 80 percent of what men are paid.…show more content…
Though some of this is true, over 40 percent of the gender wage gap is “unexplained”, resulting that there is not a definite or “obvious measurable reason for the difference in pay” (Farrell, What Causes). This outcome of unmeasurable reasons possible indicates that the difference in pay is due to direct or unintentional gender based discrimination or conscious sexism. The inclusive effects from the gender pay gap essentially means that women have lower income--less economical participation cannot fully provide for themselves or family needs, and are more prone to poverty especially in low-income…show more content…
In addition, nearly 50 percent of European Union countries gender wage gaps are below 15 percent. Seeing that the European Union is comprised of several countries, which include different culturally, political and economic difference, this has led to countries to engage in a several diverse and progressive routes to reduce the gender wage gap. Also is better at complete gender equality. Nevertheless, the European Union’s success is marginally better than the United States in terms of gender wage inequality. Yet with the decent accomplishments of both the United States and European Union, the disturbing reality is that neither political body nor political state has fully eliminated the gender pay

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