Film Analysis: Some Like It Hot

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“Some like it hot” was made in 1959 and directed by Billy Wilder. The story goes about two musicians, Joe and Jerry, who witness a gangster shooting. To save their lives from the gangsters they flee. To make sure they will not be recognised they disguise themselves as women musicians and become Josephine and Daphne. While they are going to Miami in an all-women band, their original plan was to go to Miami and them leave the woman band they decide to stay with them. Where they become more accustomed to being a woman and they even start to use being a woman to their advantage. Judith Butler argues that this movie is just a movies that is meant for entertaining . She also argues that by acting as woman the men confirm the existing gender roles.…show more content…
According to Judith Butler gender is a result of repeating the same actions, which then makes gender a performance and thus gender performativity. Performativity is not an singular act, it is a repetition of one or several norms (Butler). Having different actions that one performs more than once creates the gender one becomes, which can say that gender is thus a performance and not in someone’s being. In “Some Like It Hot” the two men act as women, however they are not yet completely acting as the gender of a woman. Since at the beginning they are flirting with the other women, which was not a normal action in a heteronormative society. Later on after saying “I am a woman” to remind themselves that they are acting as women and should not flirt with other women, since that is not an norm of the gender. As they assimilate to the gender, they are becoming more used to it, since they are repeating the same actions and thus becoming the gender of woman. As being hetero is still the norm, the film portrays a heteronormative situation, where the men cannot show that they like the women, as that is not the norm in the society and thus the film lacks a portrayal of homosexual norms, even though the men could have continued flirting with the women, and thus portraying homosexuality. If they would have portrayed that form of homosexuality, the movie would have showed less homosexual panic. Thus being more accepting of a society that is less

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