Gender Politics: The Wife Of Bath's Tale

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The Wife of Bath’s Tale in Relation to Gender Politics
The Wife of bath might be one of the most controversial fictional characters ever to be analyzed. Some people are under the impression that the wife of bath is a feminist because of how she doesn’t just do what a man tells her to do. Other people say she is an anti-feminist because of the way she acts and how it doesn 't set a good example on women and because the character was written by a man. This sort of discussion is called gender politics. Gender politics is defined as the debate about the roles and relations of men and women. The wife of bath is from a tale in the canterbury tales called the wife of bath 's tale. The Wife of Bath is a feminist because of the actions that she makes and the way she makes choices. So is the Wife of Bath a feminist? The tale starts off in when king arthur ruled the land. These weren’t amazing times for women because in medieval times women didn 't have rights. They weren’t able to vote, they couldn’t choose to marry or have children, they couldn’t own land unless it was given to them and even then if they marry then it all goes to the husband, and they weren’t usually allowed to be educated. Not only did they not have rights but rape was a big issue then. In these times there was a knight and one day he saw a maiden and he raped her. Word of this made it to the court and they were displeased. The king was going to chop off his head for his digressions. TWB quotes in her tale “ He
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