Gender Power In The Collector And William Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Abstract Literature holds the power to reveal the same nuances throughout ages. Be it the 17th or the 20th century, domination, control, authority have arisen the interest and curiosity of both writers and readers. What makes these concepts exceptionally luring and mesmerizing? Power and more precisely, gender power, has gradually been invested with great significance. Providing their writings with various meanings of the noun “power” John Fowels’s “The Collector” and William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” have fully succeeded in firmly establishing this notion. Whether psychological or prerogative power is exerted between two characters (male and female) the two literary works under discussion make the reader envision a world dominated by authority.
The scope of the current essay is to explore the relationship between male and female characters in John Fowles’ “The Collector” and William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” in relation to the notion of power and the manner in which it manifests itself throughout the two masterpieces.
My research question: “How is the concept of power represented in John Fowles’s “The Collector” and William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”? will therefore constitute the starting point of a thorough analysis of the instances of gender power manifestation. The main issues to be tackled address the similarities and differences regarding male and female capacity to exert control over the others and upon themselves, be it physical or mental. The conducted
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