Gender Quotations In George Manwell's 'Beneatha'

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The play proves of further gender restrictions towards Beneatha. Her suitor George Murchison who comes from an affluent family mocks the traditional outfit she is wearing and feels it ok to tell her, ‘so go change’ and ‘get dressed’, this displays how he clearly sees it as ok to tell her what not to wear which furthermore highlights issues of how gender plays a huge role in the restriction of women in this specific instance. Beneatha faces further gender restrictions from George Murchison when he informs her ‘You’re a nice looking girl’ and ‘That’s all you need’, this suggests that his interest in her is solely romantic and sexual and that her intellectuality does not interest him in any shape or form. She is sadly only valued or recognized for her looks. His reference to her strong opinions as “Garbo routine’ clearly suggests that he does not respect her thoughts and modern world views. All of the above strongly confirms how he sees the female gender as inferior to men and how he uses his gender to dictate what he wants from her. He displays annoyance towards her modern views and also finds it funny that she wishes to become a doctor once again highlighting the stereotypes men has towards women. This clearly suggests that the play was written at a time when women are not very driven into bettering themselves because they are conditioned to thinking that they have no other place in male dominated society other than being wives, home-makers and mothers. All these statements
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