Gender Representation In Advertising Essay

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I was studying about gender portrayal in advertisements and was shocked with what I was reading. Just when I was about to turn to the next page, my little sister walks into the room.
“Amjad look at me, Don’t I look exactly like this woman on this magazine. I look perfect” She had red matte lipstick on with dripping wet eyeliner and highlighter below her lips and her cheeks. That wasn’t it, she was wearing a jumpsuit with D&G written on it with a marker (I have no idea where she got this jumpsuit from). I was devastated, utterly devastated. I was just reading about gender portrayal in advertisements and here I am witnessing my own little sister being affected because of that. I took the magazine from her and saw the the supposedly “perfect”
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Although I wanted to tell her everything about portrayal of women in magazines, advertisements, how it affects our behaviour. I believe she is somewhat too little to understand that. At first I was speechless, however it is no surprise that my sister along with millions of other kids are constantly trying to achieve the “perfect” look. D&G are known for creating advertisements with objectification of the woman’s body as the central theme. This brand tries to link the idea of fashion with objectivity, they have had a history of ads regarding segregation and objectification of genders. But do we really know how much we are exposed towards these kind of advertisements. According to the statistics, a person almost sees between 300-500 marketing advertisements per day. That is excluding the advertisements that we are exposed to on the internet. It is certain that not all of these advertisements contain objectification and gender segregation but almost all of them convey a message to be…show more content…
However, whilst selling the product, they also sell ideas along with the product. Whether it is to advertise a perfume, because no one admires a woman who smells anything other than Calvin Klein “Secret Obsession perfume”, or to advertise shirts that reveal half of your waist because that is what men like to see and you can’t ever look good if men don’t consider you as

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