Gender In Driving

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The aim of this study is to investigate how gender has a role in driving.This topic is a most common discussion in Turkey and there is no definite result so we want to analyze this idea further.We believe that women drivers are less careful then men drivers in Turkey.This investigation will help goverment to educate drivers and give better education to driver applicants. Introduction Traffic accidents kill people from all age groups,young-aged people are overpresented in accident involvment virtually in the country and the majority of these drivers are young men(Blackey&Hartley,1995;Doherty,Andrey &MacGregor,1998)
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The effects of sex and gender roles were tested on outcome variables by using Poisson, negative binomial, and hierarchical regression analyses. It was found that sex (being male) predicted the number of total, active, and passive accidents, and perceptual-motor skills. While masculinity score predicted positively the perceptual-motor skills, femininity score predicted positively the safety skills. No significant interaction effects between sex and gender roles on criterion variables were found.This study give idea for our abstract and…show more content…
Participants will have driving license.
Survey and experiment technique will used to taking information about driving. Questions will be about predicting before driving, history about their driving and we will make experiment for their driving skill and taking care of traffic rules. In survey question there will be multiple choice to answer so we will estimate statics for their answer. In the experiment there will be some observers to score participants for their driving.
For survey, every participant will do this survey individually and in the silent place for right results. For experiment, every participant will attend with 2 observer for experiment. One observer will sit front seat, other one will sit back seat to score better and they will keep their eyes to participant for participants mood change, their moves depending on situation.
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