Gender Role In Today's Society

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The roles of both men and women have changed dramatically in today’s society. With the gradual uplift of the society, civic rights, citizenship and all those concepts, men and women have only just started to enjoy equality of rights. The traditional idea of men enjoying rights, and women shouldering responsibilities has undergone a change in the last few decades. However, the concept of “gender roles” is not to be confused with “sexuality”. Sexuality comes from within a person, while gender roles are imposed on a person from childhood, through adolescence until adulthood. Rules, regulations, norms and conventions have been pre-set for both the male and the female for centuries. Women are expected to behave in a certain way which for men, would be absolutely unacceptable and would attract ridicule, and vice-versa. Formed during the socialization phases of a child, gender role issues influence people throughout their lives; conflict can arise when someone does not feel at ease with his or her gender role
Parents, being the first teachers and role models that a child encounters, play an important part in imposing the idea of gender roles in their child. They help in shaping their attitudes, behavior and basic skills such as walking, sitting, talking and other gestures. They willingly or unintentionally happen to reinforce sexual stereotypes. However, being the primary example for a baby, parents are responsible for the upbringing of a child and the ideas that he forms about

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