What Is Petruchio's Role In The Taming Of The Shrew

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In the play “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare he writes the story in a different era and culture to establish values within his work of literature. In this piece the societal codes of the era functions in the work value as a whole. Gender roles and courtship plays a greater role into this above anything else. The entire plot is over, many men going the extra mile to try and court a 15 year old girl. This rat race of a play oozes the foul being of how older men can marry women who hit puberty no longer than 2 years ago With that being said, the entire race to court Bianca is stopped when the father then says that Bianca can only be married when her sister is married, which makes all the men come together to get her sister married.…show more content…
It implies petruchio’s behavior is a mirror of Katherines and is horrible. Their entrance is led by Petruchio doing everything from Kate. Peter says that because he’s treating everyone the same way she treats them. While doing this Kate is slowly starting to realize how she acts and how that looks to everyone. Petruchio is killing her with her own act of everyday life and she’s what kind of imprint she leaves. That comment says that Kate is speechless. She sees him acting like a tyrant but she will be labeled a hypocrite if she judges him. Killing her with kindness will make her realize what she is doing sooner or later, Kate will be nothing more than a tamed pet. Her behavior has changed because now that she is married, she now feels secure and since that has happened her true personality will be soon revealed. Now that she no longer has Kate on her shoulders Bianca no longer has to stay quiet and collect, the shrew is now Bianca. The difference between the two is that Hortensio asks politely of his wife to come to him, but Petruchio in a strong demeanor to demand his wife come now. This is showing how he has tamed Kate from her sour ways into a loving wife. This has become true because as the couple now become rude to everyone else but when together they are the sweetest thing possible this is clearly shown when he said they consume the thing that feeds their fury. Although Petruchio put Kate through stressful obstacles somehow she still fell in love after he proved the point of her selfishness. Petruchio tamed her by giving and taking away things and making her technically beg for it. Petruchio fought smartly to first, convince Baptista that he is the right,strongest,richest man to marry her , and of course he did put her in check. Bianca on the other hand seemed as if she had it easy with all the men wanting her and Kate getting
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