Gender Roles And Stereotypes In Parsons And Bales

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aside from child rearing. And eventually that assumption that men are dominant over women is not always true because women can somehow do better as compared to men. The fine line that separates men and women should be dissolved for it is this line that inhibits the growth of the society. If one wants the society to progress, he must realize the purpose of women or the things they can do for the society that are usually underappreciated due to gender roles and stereotypes. In Parsons and Bales (1955) classic formulation of role differentiation, the male’s role is “instrumental”, responsible for the family’s relationships with the outside world, primarily through his job. The female’s role is “expressive”, and entails responsibility for dealing with the family’s internal needs. Parsons and Bales believed that this kind of role differentiation is a universal feature of not just the family, but of all social groups. Thus, husbands were seen as doing relatively little family work as part of a larger pattern of sex role differentiation in which men specialize in the family breadwinner role while wives monopolize the housework and childcare inside the family. There are main female stereotypes and these are as follow; femme fatale in which she uses her sexual power in order to gain her needs, the girl next door allowing and trusting young woman that is perfect for a marriage, gold- diggers and trophy wives who marries her husband for self- sufficiency, the career woman who

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