Gender In Fairy Tales

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2. The Female Role in Fairy Tales
Being female is not always easy, but comparing today’s situation to ancient times, women are a requirement due to their strong abilities and positions. What were unbelievable decades ago, is the reality now. Women have full power and control to themselves, they decide which job to choose, whether to strive for a career or to be a housewife, they are chief executive officer’s, entrepreneurs, marry and divorce or even do not get married at all. Historically, issues of the female gender have been criticized for decades, women had always been fighting for their rights and freedom. Interestingly, ancient and traditional stories do not share this point of view. Therefore, it is very important to look at fairy tales,
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Therefore, especially girls could look upon the behavior of fairy tale’s princess’ and see them as a prototype in a romantic sense as well as in behavioral. Treating old traditional tales this way could lead to a problem in the contemporary perception of sexuality and…show more content…
This representation of women by far does not come close to reality because not every woman waits for a prince to come and save her, instead, women need to work for their beauty, their wealth and they are not only chosen but they get the chance to choose a partner by themselves. Therefore, fairy tales display an unnatural picture of women, although many women have surely felt connected to fairy tales and their representation, there are no feelings or emotions conveyed, women just exist to be beautiful as well as serve their husband but this is by far an unhealthy representation of a human being. The idolization makes women lose their humanity and turns them into an
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