Gender Roles For Men And Women In The 19th Century

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Introductory Paragraph Context: For centuries, women have been unjustly considered inferior to men and have had to cope with many inequities. While they have gradually gained more rights, the Industrial Revolutions have created new ways for men to exploit women and have made women even more dependent on their husbands. Thesis: This poem accurately describes the gender roles for European men and women in the late 19th Century. The poem reflects gender roles for men and women pertaining to their jobs, education and domesticity and how women were treated as inferiors to men regarding to these topics. 2. First Body Paragraph (Jobs) Topic Sentence:…show more content…
D: These facts show that women were employed at worse jobs and men were able to work at better jobs and even had the opportunity to supervise women. 3. Second Body Paragraph (Education) Topic Sentence: Women didn’t have the access to education that men had. A: Many universities didn’t accept female applicants until the late 19th Century despite accepting many men. B: Lack of education prevented women from getting into college or from getting at least a decent job. C: Held back by men who were afraid that educated women would challenge the gender roles. D: This accounts for the fact that women couldn’t get a good education and that held them back from getting a good job. This prevented women from succeeding in life and only helped maintain the gender spheres of the 19th Century. 4. Third Body Paragraph(Domestic Role) Topic Sentence: The gender roles of the 19th Century forced women to stay at home and handle domestic
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