Gender Roles In A Doll's House And Fences By August Wilson

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When I was at home with papa he called me his doll-child and played with me just as I used to play with my dolls, I mean that I was simply transferred from papa’s hands into yours” Nora was shaped into acting and behaving as a “perfect” doll that has nothing to offer besides her beauty. In the play A doll 's house by Henrik Ibsen and the play Fences by August Wilson as soon as the first page stereotypes and gender roles are projected as a normal everyday living. As the play gradually moves forward Nora and Rose start becoming their own person letting go of all the gender roles and stereotypes.

In the play A Doll 's House Nora expressed her feelings to Helmer “ When I lived at home with Papa, he used to tell me his opinion about everything, and so I had the same opinion. If I thought differently, I had to hide it from him, or he wouldn 't have liked it. He called me his little doll, and he used to play with me just as I played with my dolls” Nora was kept as a very expensive doll only to be shown around and held as a trophy that many wanted but couldn 't have because she only had eyes for Torvald. Since she was raised as a perfect doll that couldn 't question the authority of the “man” or if her opinion was different she kept quiet because she 's only a beauty without any intelligence.

This can also be seen in the play Fences by August Wilson In Act one Troy says “What you worried about what we getting in to for? This is men talk, woman.” Troy and Torvald are

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