Gender Roles In Advertising

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Television commercials or a TV advert is a paid communication tool produced for an organization with a message, usually for promotional purposes for a product or service. Television commercials play a crucial role in terms of attaining the commercial and financial objectives of a company. Television has been a significant part of our daily entertainment from the time it was first invented. Since the introduction of advertisement many centuries ago, young women have been objectified to attract societies with strong patriarchal practices. This is inimical to the society because the media is creating social stereotypes for both men and women that can result in deleterious social, psychological and physical habits. A gender role can be defined as individual roles that a male and female is supposed to be performing in terms of attitude, belief, behavioral and ethical aspects in a specific cultural environment. (Frendo, 2013) This is the belief about roles and traits linked with sex, psychology and physical attributes. These roles are in fact assigned by the society which is the preeminent reason for the referred stereotypes. (Frendo, 2013) What the advertisement industry is doing is, they are portraying the roles in such a manner that is a contributing factor in terms of strengthening these stereotypical practices. Societies with patriarchal practices tend to see women as the subordinate gender and believes that the sole motif of women should be to serve them and
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