Gender Stereotypes In Advertising Analysis

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Television commercials or a TV advert is a paid communication tool produced for an organization with a message, usually for promotional purposes for a product or service. Television commercials play a crucial role in terms of attaining the commercial and financial objectives of a company. Television has been a significant part of our daily entertainment from the time it was first invented. Since the introduction of advertisement many centuries ago, young women have been objectified to attract societies with strong patriarchal practices. This is inimical to the society because the media is creating social stereotypes for both men and women that can result in deleterious social, psychological and physical habits. A gender role can…show more content…
How it is affecting their personal, physical and psychological health. I wanted to know if they are facing obstacles because of the gender stereotypes and how TV commercials shape these stereotypes in the name of mirroring the society whereas these are actually molding it cynically. Advertising being such a powerful tool for manipulating how people perceive themselves, is not mirroring culture but molding it as people learn the gender roles as portrayed in advertisement. (Culture and Gender Stereotyping in Advertisements, 2015) For instance from a very young age children who are exposed to TV commercials for toys adopt the concept of differentiated gender roles. The gender segregation and stereotyping of toys have grown to unprecedented levels. (Matter, 2012) Although we are trying to stride towards gender equity over the past 50 years, the world of toys does not look like it has progressed (Matter, 2012). “By 1995, the gendered advertising of toys had crept back to midcentury levels, and it’s even more extreme today. In fact, finding a toy that is not marketed either explicitly or subtly (through use of color, for example) by gender has become incredibly difficult.” (Matter,

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