Gender Roles In Advertising

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The problem of "family in advertisement" is very topical at the moment, when the results of the process about the way in which family has changed are obvious. Using the image of family as an advertisement strategy is implemented a lot in the last decades of the 20th century in the whole world, as well as, in Bulgaria. The question of how advertising reflects these transformations is relevant for advertisers and for the whole society. From the real representation of family image depends the effectiveness of television commercials and advertising goals. The portrayal of family, family life and gender roles that are showed in advertisement influence children reinforcing gender stereotypes. The expectations and the concept about our life are not shaped only from experiences and impressions, but also from what the media is presenting to us. Advertisements have a significant affect over the society today, since they are everywhere and free for the viewers. Family and family life takes a big part of advertisement, because are whole new unit and target to the market. It is from a strategic importance that marketing management strategy suggests analyzing and adapting marketing communications to the family lifecycle, decidions making, consumer specialization, and gender roles, house holds or families (Arnould, Borgerdon, 2007). ‘’However, despite the family importance very few studies are found to look at family as portrayed in marketing communication’’ (Arnould,

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