Gender Roles In Anita Nair

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Both writers have expressed the concern with which the women are conditioned right from the beginning of their birth. They are told that the ultimate aim of their life is to find a suitable match and get married. They are made to feel that their attributes are obedience, humbleness and servility. Thus they are forced to assimilate their inferior roles gradually. Novels by both writers are a study of husband wife relationship.
The condition of women from lower class, as presented by Deshpande, is really pitiable. Their suffering starts much before their marriage. They continue working and earning all their life. They are married off at the age considered suitable by their parents, to any boy who has one head, two eyes, two ears,
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Her women characters come out with full strength and vitality to encounter the oppressive environment. She envisions a beautiful future of women by her optimistic attitude and by bestowing her female characters with undoubting courage. Anita Nair’s women are so courageous, so bold, so daring that they, in order to free themselves from the male domination, can go to any extent. Overturning the gender roles is not impossible in Anita Nair.

 To reveal the sacrifices of women for the sake of married life through Jaya the protagonist of Shashi Despande’s That Long Silence.
 To explore the sufferings and then decision making of women through Anjana the protagonist of Anita Nair’s The Better Man.

That Long Silence is a study in Jaya’s Character and the fortitude she displays. Despite the fact that she is humiliated and her individuality is hindered at a number of places, she is able to come out as a winner in the end of the novel by mustering up courage. The process of success and self recognition is not that easy as she has to undergo much mental trauma. But She emerges as a powerful individual in the end of the as she is possessed with better understanding of human relations and her own role as a mother, daughter, wife and a woman. She is able to break that long held
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