Gender Roles In Antigone By Sophocles And Aristophanes

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Sophocles is one of the most famous tragedy playwrights in Ancient Greece. Sophocles plays raised awareness in many social and political aspects of Ancient Greece. In addition Sophocles innovative theatre inspired future western performances, and his play is still being performed currently around the world. In comparison Aristophanes was known for his comedic plays. However, both styles of playwrights explore important aspects of Greek society. They emphasize themes such as , the abuse of powers, subservient roles of women, rebellion, and power of the gods.
The main points made in SophoclesAntigone was the Theme of Gods vs society. Antigone must choose whether to listen to the Gods and what they think is morally right or society and follow king Creon's orders. Sisters Antigone and Ismene brother, Polyneices was killed during war, King Creon saw him as a trader and said that he is not to buried with honor. Yet his sisters felt it was morally right that he is to be buried with honor because it is what the gods want.
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They had an impact on what society then felt the roles of women should be. Plato felt that women should take on the same social roles in society as men. Yet Aristotle was seen as excessively patriotic. He felt women should do the traditional roles in the home, and be subservient to men. Plato argues that women should be argues that men and women should take on the same social roles. He believe that men and women have the same ature in respect to acting as guardians of the state,except that one is stronger than the other. Later Aristotle returns women to their traditional roles in the home such as cleaning, tending to the children's needs, and being subservient to men. Aristotle does not believe there is any equality in

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