Gender Roles In Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge

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As it was written in the nineteen-fifties and inspired by a true story, Arthur Miller 's A View from the Bridge is set in and based on a time when gender roles were strict and rigid. The man was the patriarch, and the woman was the caregiver, and this is the mindset that Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, has. He believes that all men should work hard, provide for their families and maintain a good reputation - this code of behavior would be held to a more significant value by Eddie because of his allegiance to his Italian roots. When Beatrice 's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, illegally traveled to the land of opportunity to live with the Carbones in Red Hook, Eddie 's manhood and position of authority were threatened. He soon realized that Catherine fancied Rodolpho, but at the same time, Eddie had incestuous feelings for her. As he is in denial about his love for Catherine, he represses his infatuation and must suppress his hostility toward Rodolpho along with it. The suppression of these feelings ultimately contributes to his death at the denouement of the play. I will be examining the playwright 's portrayal of manliness, hostility, and aggression as well as how he conveys his ideas in the story and how they are connected. Miller 's negative portrayal of Eddie demonstrates how his views are contradictory to those of the character. Nevertheless, the dramatist might agree with the longshoreman 's beliefs of a man working earnestly and being the breadwinner of the
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