Gender Roles In Boys Don T Cry

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Masculinity and Gender Roles Negative characteristics are often associated with masculinity. History suggests that cultural beliefs have developed characteristics which define gender roles among male and female. As a result of previous expectations among male roles negative characteristics were developed. Cultural beliefs are “predominant beliefs in a culture about right and wrong, what is most important in life, and how life should be lived” (Arnett, 2013, p. 95). In the movie Boys Don’t Cry, the characters, seem to all have lacked parental guidance. Brandon Teena is a transgender who identifies herself as a man. Lana Tisdel is a heterosexual female who begins to develop a sexual relationship with Brandon; assuming that he is a male. It is unclear as to where Lana’s father was but her mother appears to be a single mother who is an alcoholic. Brandon’s father died and she (he) was…show more content…
They appear to all come from broken homes, where they were neglected in some form throughout their youth. Brandon is rejected by his mother and is labeled as having a sexual identity crisis. Brandon has a minor criminal history and is essentially homeless. His cousin does not seem to want to be involved in Brandon’s idea of living. It appears as though Brandon stays where he can, without having an actual real place to call home. Lana resides with her mother, who is an alcoholic, in a small home. When Brandon drops off Lana after finding her roaming a gas station, she appears embarrassed of her home life. She was worried about how her mother would appear to Brandon. When both Brandon and Lana walked into her home, her mother was passed out drunk the couch. Brandon however, made it somewhat bearable to withstand by his actions. He was polite and appeared to not be bothered by what he
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