Gender Roles In Disney Films

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Media is said to be an important part of people lives. It contains various types of contents that people can choose their favorite shows according to their preferences. Contents about genders are also presented diversely in the media. Therefore, it generates different perspectives of people towards this topic. Viewers perceive the stereotype and ideal contents of races and genders through the media because it is an important element which affects the socializing, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of its people (Gunter 21, n.d.). As the media has become the main source of information, audiences in the different part of the world perceive different meanings of gender roles and tend to have more stereotypical ideas about it. It is quite clear that…show more content…
Nevertheless, many of them are found to present the characters of women as the subordinate position. Moreover, researchers have some results for women in Disney films. According to Towbin, Haddock, Zimmerman, Lund, and Tanner (2003: 30), their ideas of women in Disney films are very intense: “(a) A woman’s appearance is valued more than her intellect; (b)Women are helpless and in need of protection; (c) Women are domestic and likely to marry; (d) Overweight women are ugly, unpleasant, and unmarried”. Apart from these grim results, Disney added more affronts to women by portraying women characters to yearn for and absorb in love as researchers mention that women are likely to marry. Therefore, marriage or love was considered as the common theme of Disney heroines. For example, Snow White is "wishing for the one she loves to find her", Ariel puts herself in risks to win over Prince Eric, and Cinderella decided to be charming for a few hours before going back to reality (Disney, W., & Hands, D., 1938). From the information, it can be seen that in the past period of time, Disney Company paid less attention to women by detracting them and putting them in the subordinate position. Fortunately, there has been conversions and development about men and women’s role in the 20th century. Thenceforward, women gradually have the rights to work like men. And films circle have been under feminist principle by messaging about gender roles through their characters and plays (Sims, n.d.). After the idea of feminism is widespread, Disney developed women characters from time to time by changing the perspectives of women and giving them more important roles. For example, Beauty and the Beast (1991) which was produced by the 1980’s influenced Disney production by the change of gender roles especially in women’s role in WWII Western world. They changed from uncomplicated stories, virgin girls in conflict with wicked,
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