Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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Gender roles have been noticeable in Disney films especially the Disney Princess series. Women are typically portrayed as a princess, homemaker, or queen while men are portrayed as strong, dominant and authority characters. The portrayal of the prince or knights in the movies usually highlighted with the strong and powerful characteristic, whereas the Disney princesses are weak, vulnerable and being protected. According to Tiffany, gender stereotypes and behaviours illustrations are very common in Disney culture and their depictions have become sophisticated over the years especially those of female characters.
In the early 20th century American style, the princess was shown through a traditional fairy tale and they needs rescuing by the nearby prince. For instance, Cinderella portrayed as a slave at the same time enforced enslavement for the rest of her life. However, her destiny was changed when she married with the prince. Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were tales that drew on traditional legends, powerless of helping themselves and getting out of their own troubles. Thus, according to Michael,the gender perpectives and favouritism can influence particular film’s image and the way to emphasize the impact of each gender of characters in movies. People would like to think the roles of princess should be weak and waiting for rescued from men.
According to the previous films, Disney princesses have changed from lack independence to be braver. Hence,

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