Gender Roles In Ethan Frome

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In the life of Ethan Frome, Ethan had two women that played a large role in the middle of his life Mattie Silver and Zeena. Both of which ended being up his significant other at one point. The changing of roles, to Ethan, by Mattie and Zeena has lead these characters to become parallels. The first example of them being parallels is at the point where they are Ethan’s helping hand around the house. Zeena being the first, developed a relationship with Ethan. After they were married Zeena got sick and they need to call upon Mattie to do the housework. As time went on Mattie and Ethan formed a relationship through the same context as he previously did with Zeena. In the end Mattie was unable to do housework which completely shows that Mattie
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