Gender Roles In Fences And Trifles

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Stereotypes are widely accepted pieces of judgment about a person or group but can be very biased, even though they aren’t always accurate especially when it's about being given a gender a role in today’s society. While there are some differences between Fences and other stories read are quite obvious, the similarities between the plays Fences and Trifles are the harsh gender roles given to women and they deserve to be spoken deeper about.
Although gender roles today are better than it was ten or more years ago, looking at Trifles’ text pieces one can reflect and say women not so long ago had it hard too, possibly more than in today’s time. In Trifles, Mrs.Peters (Sheriff’s wife) and Mrs.Hale were neglected by the County Attorney, he would
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She did everything in every single way to become what her husband needed, she was loyal to Troy and stayed with him for eighteen years. Eighteen years of making sacrifices, sacrificing herself into making her surrounding better for her family and her husband. She really would try to be everything what her husband needed, as she put it, “I done tried to be everything a wife should be. Everything a wife could be.” She was expected to take care of her family, she minitrated the finances in the house, she was suppose to help her husband out that was her job not another woman's job, Rose is Troy’s wife. He wasn’t loyal to her for as long as their marriage stood, not only was there infidelity but a child was brought from Troy sleeping with other women. In the end, he had the audacity to come to Rose to raise another woman’s child. Troy had an incredibly high expectancy standard for how Rose should be. Did he expect Rose to help him raise his daughter that came from another relationship outside his relationship with his wife? As Troy sat down on the porch and purposely speaks at a high volume to ensure Rose hears and says, “A man’s got to do what’s right for him. I ain’t sorry for nothing I done. It felt right in my heart.” Did he mean having the affair felt ‘right’ in his heart? He didn't even apologize for having the affair or wanted to stop seeing Alberta. If the roles had switched, where Rose was the one who was having the affair, knowing Troy and his wild temper he would not have handled the situation as Rose did. He was capable of kicking Rose out with her child along with so much more, filling himself with so much hate. Either way, Rose helped Troy raise his daughter as she was the wife and wives were expected to help their husbands even when things got

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