Gender Roles In Grey's Anatomy

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Greys Anatomy is an ABC weekly drama television series based on the experiences of doctors and nurses who treat patients at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. While portraying the healthcare profession, Meredith Grey has stayed a very popular character over the different seasons due to concentrating on her characters life and love instead of revolving around medical life. Grey’s Anatomy is an extremely popular America Medical Drama about the lives of interns and surgeons who work in a teaching hospital called Seattle Grace Mercy West. This form of media is one of the most influential agents of socialization able to change people’s attitude, values, and beliefs towards patterns of behavior. It shows that traditional attitudes toward typical gender roles, racial stereotypes and leadership are being rethought by contemporary society. After attending medical school Meredith Grey…show more content…
All the characters make equally great contributions to the development of the regardless of their race and ethnic. There are all kinds of doctors, from African American, white, Hispanic and mixed with different ethnicities. Derek and Meredith’s daughter Zola’s bestfriend is Sophia who is the daughter of Mark Sloan and Kallie Torres. This makes Sophia half Hispanic and half white, while Zola was adopted from Africa. Meredith Grey’s attending is Miranda Bailey; she is a black woman with great potential as a surgeon. But some people requests Grey because of the color of some of the doctor’s skin. Cristina Yang is known as Meredith ‘person’ in seasons one through eleven. She and Meredith always competed to be the best but Cristina Yang always seems to beat her out. Cristina Yang was of the Asia culture, and was very smart. She specialized in Cardio, and became a cardiothoracic surgeon. Before all at Meredith did not know what she wanted to specialize in so for a while she was competing with Christina Yang for this
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