Gender Roles In Grimm's Snow White

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Walt Disney’s one of the biggest hit, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is an adaptation version of Grimm’s Snow White, the original version. Have you ever considered any difference between those two different and the most well-known versions? Grimm’s Snow White represents the cultural hues of Germany in the beginning of 19th century, and it is explicit that Disney’s version is different from the original one; since Disney’s version expresses American culture right after the Great Depression (Wright 103-104). Needless to mention, recent adaptations tend to follow contemporary trend that cannot be identical or similar to the Grimm’s nor Disney’s, and this makes each adaptation distinct and unique. Some adaptations have drastically changed as even…show more content…
This study is basically about the stereotyped gender roles depicted in various Disney’s animated films from 1937 to 2009 and whether they have effects on children’s cognitive perception of gender roles who tend to be both the major audience of the films and the consumers of its huge merchandise market. This specific study introduces gender role stereotypes in Disney’s animated films in detail by listing each characteristics of gender. This source further proves that those films have impressive impacts on children’s cognitive development of gender roles by conducting a study to show its validity and reliability (England 557-562). It considerably helped me to understand and organize what the gender role stereotype components are generally. This source is going to be used in my research paper in order to introduce the current and past discussion of gender role stereotypes in Disney’s animated films. Since the study is intended to analyze and classify gender biased characteristics in Disney’s films over time and their influences on children’s cognitive development, my project will address possible changes in those influences as well. Moreover, my project will discuss that what would be the gender role stereotypes portrayed in the film Mirror Mirror and their similarities and dissimilarities from Disney’s
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