Harry Potter Gender Roles Essay

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The author narrows on analyzing how Harry Potter wizarding world deals with the contrast of black and white magic and what role gender plays in both aspects. More specifically, the author focuses on how the novels unfolds in terms of gender dynamics. To do this, the author splits the wizarding world into sections that consist of the different families, The Ministry of Magic, Hogwarts School, the Death Eaters and Hermione. The author, Delaney Bullinger, wrote this for her thesis as a requirement for her Bachelor of Arts in English in Linfield College. As opposed to other sources that only focus one aspect of the Harry Potter world, this author provides an extensive and well rounded view of gender representation in the Harry Potter world.…show more content…
Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The author draws on the fact that the educational system in Harry Potter is based on the premise that anyone with magical powers has equal access to education and the same power positions after graduation. What distinguishes this article from others, is that it analyzes if the educational system in the Hogwarts promotes equal access and opportunity rather than if there are gender roles implemented within the characters or the houses. There is a focus on Hermione, the main young heroine, and her pursuit of knowledge in order to overcome all obstacles and gain power. The author, Janet Croft, has a Master of Library Science and alongside her higher education teaching career she is the editor of Mythlore, a peer-reviewed academic journal, that focuses on mythology and fantasy. The article is valuable as it provides insight about stories where issues of gender, education and power are discussed in order to provide positive role models for girls that no matter what obstacles come their way they will not be held back from education and will thrive no matter what.This tells us that this article is written with young girls in mind alongside parents and

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