Gender Roles In Hmong Culture

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Men and women don't understand what each one is going through in society. Girls are expected to be clean and pretty; while boys are messy and rude. But when it comes to school, Parents excepted boy to do well in school, but not the girls. The central issue facing boys and young men in our society is the chances of failing a grade because of the lack of interest, and Lack of study.
Gender role is the behaviors, attitudes, and activities excepted or common for males and females. In the Hmong culture for example, men are generally expected to work, to support his families, and to be a leader; women are generally expected to stay home, to take care of the kids, and to respect her husband. Throughout almost every culture history, the gender role is similar to the Hmong culture. However, both gender have a central issue they’re facing in our society. A issue boys are facing is the chances of failing a grade because of their lack of interest such as having boring classes and also the lack of study because they don't want or dislike the subject they have.
Girls are least likely to be diagnosed with learning disability, as boy are more likely to be diagnosed with learning disability. As interest is the feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly
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Boys and their interest will cause them to want to get off task and think about unnecessary things. In putting down the gun by Rebecca Walker, journalist, activist, and author of the memoir Black White Jewish, stated “Boys talk about sports, like their matches and who scored what and stuff… Tears welled up in his eyes. ‘I don't have anything to talk about”. Walker’s son stated that he wanted to start a new interest like other boys so that he have something common as them rather than being an outcast. Instead of Walker’s son learning, he cares about what other people thinks and what he can do to fit in with
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