Gender Discrimination In Sociology

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Feminists have recognized the factor of gender differentiation as the root cause of women’s derogatory status in the hierarchical order of most of the societies. Kate Millet in her seminal book, Sexual Politics, defines gender as a,
“Personality, structure in terms of sexual category.” 10
Gender differs from sex, as sex is assigned based on anatomy of a person, while gender is assigned according to the sexuality of a person. Gender is decided by cultural, social, political and economic forces, which influence social behavior of men and women. Gender is a historical force also because we find gender bias pre-existent in the society. As soon as, a birth takes place, child gets a gender identity of a male or a female. This is primary identity
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Feminist situation in India possess a dissimilar dispensation. Indian society has always been highly hierarchical. the several hierarchy within the family concreting age, sex and ordinal position ,congenial and fine relationship or within the community referring to the caste lineage, learning, occupation and relationship with ruling power have been maintained very…show more content…
It was only towards the end of the century the women joined the fray. The list of who, champion the cause of women is long –Raja Ram Manohar Roy, Ishwarchandra Vidya Sagar, Keshav Chandra Sen, Matahari, Phule, Agarkar, Ranade, Karve to mention a few. The record of the reform they undertook to achieve is impressive. It reveals that their efforts spanned action to abolish the practice of Sati, the custom of child marriage, custom of distinguishing widows, the ban on remarriage of the upper caste Hindu widows and many other civil practices that affected

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