Gender Roles In James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain

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Throughout this novel Go tell it on the Mountain; James Baldwin examines the different roles of his characters in the Christian church, in the lives of African-Americans. In the context of the biblical language, gender roles; masculinity and femininity are rendered in indubitable. Because John considers the man in the woman on Sundays through a lens he adopts from things he has “read of in the Bible,” he understands men to be, and become strong or “mighty” whereas he interprets the women’s strength as “patient” and “long suffering.” Just as Florence's use of skin creams makes the real racialized constructions of beauty, so do Elizabeth’s actions make real for John traditional oppositional gender roles; Baldwin again emphasizes the interconnections…show more content…
People's way of thinking is strongly influenced by the patriarchal scheme of the culture in which they live, and their judgments deriving from this scheme are deeply embedded in their psyche. Gender roles within patriarchal society prescribe the hierarchical roles of men and women assumed to be “natural,” and labeled as “masculine” and “feminine” as if these categories were ontological. In this context, the heterosexual majority regards homosexuals as those who transgress traditional gender roles and thus violate the prescribed rules of the “proper” sexual behavior. It is being supposedly said that gender identity such as masculinity and femininity is not something inherent you born with but, a learned entity, a social construction. When John looks at his father’s penis in the bathroom, Gabriel beats up his son in order for John to become a “proper” man, and must not sexualized the male body. Another example would be, how all women during this time are looked at to play a certain role and never to step out of their role. Throughout one's readings of Go tell it on the Mountain it is bold how the writer expresses that the female has no type of consent toward her growth as a person. The female role is forced to follow by the male of the household's rules. The male has the say within

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