Gender Roles In Jason And Medea

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In society, men and women are defined by gender roles throughout their activities and occupations. A doctor is typically portrayed as a man while most women are associated with the household and children. Although still in existence, today these roles are less defined but tend to have similar essence when compared to the past. In today’s society, females work, take part in the government and have a say in public and private decisions. Compared to ancient Greece, women suffered great tribulations and these current activities are unimaginable for a woman under the complete supervision of a male husband. In the play Medea by Euripides, the main characters Jason and Medea are atypical characters in many ways. Medea defies perceptions of the normal attitudes of men and women by overcoming her female emotions and performed acts that the Greeks considered unfeminine.…show more content…
Medea surpassed the regulations by murdering her family and the ones with higher status. Jason degraded his status by not being able to obey the regulations that were placed on him. He was unsuccessful in taking care of his family and understanding his wife and children. It is extremely shocking and unforgivable if a woman took revenge on her husband through murder in a society where women were always looked down upon. But the whole society overlooked Jason’s actions of betraying his own family and blood in secrecy. According to the society, revenge was more sinful especially when a woman committed it, but there is no sin of breaking one’s love especially when men are permitted to do whatever they wish. In the end, Medea’s action will always be unforgivable since she committed murders of the innocent in the eyes of Greek society, but what about Jason’s deeds? No one has clearly defined his errors because he is a man who will always be

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