Gender Roles In Korean Society

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Gender roles in Korean society were greatly influenced by Confucianism. Normally, women are limited only in the household works. Women’s roles are fixed on being good wife and good mother, and these roles was taught and passed to their daughters. It was then, when the country was established as Republic of Korea, the gender equality in the country had improved. However, even though women have given the constitutional right to work outside of home it is visible that some professional seat in the workplace still not given to them. It can be seen that men are still the priority or more favoured in term of professional works in Korean society. Having the 2 years of mandatory military service for men, it can be said that the nation are paying their service back by giving them military incentives in workplace. Recommendation from their commanding officer helps them get through the employer’s recruitment process.
Employment Rate and Salary Gap between Men and Women in South Korea According to the report of OECD Employment Outlook in the year 2014 the female employment rate rose from 53.7% in the second quarter of 2013 to 54.6% in the second quarter of 2014. This shows that the employment rates of women in the year 2014 have improved. However, the increase on employment rate of women did not help to lessen the gap because men’s employment rate in the country also went up from 74.8% to 75.4%. (OECD Employment Outlook, 2014) The year 2013 was the time when President
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