Gender Roles In Longterm Care

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“During out training, we’re told to be careful, to take whatever time we need…that’s whyit’s hard when we start working in the organization. When we become nursing assistants andthink things over, we think, “It’s impossible; trainers don’t see the reality of things in the longterm care facilities…” We were told that we had 45 minutes per resident but we actually have nomore than 15 minutes.” Says one nursing assistant. What she is trying to explain is, when theyare trained they are trained to take their time, show the residents they care but in reality theybarely have the time to take care of the patients. As the statistics show within the article theyhave 6 residents for every 1 nurse which is where the controversy is beginning. I personallyagree…show more content…
I agree with the article, Ibelieve that organization is the key to allowing you to get done the responsibilities that you areassigned. This article influenced me to think deeply about myself by, wondering if I can’t do itwithin that time, will I ever be able to. Can I trust myself enough to finish my responsibilitieswithin the times I am given and can I still give the resident the correct care within this time. Iwill use this information and knowledge to improve my education career or my future in healthcare by, realizing that organization is the key to everything when it comes to having a career inthe health care field. It’s the quickest way and the correct way when it comes to anyresponsibilities such as; paper work or even a residents.Overall, organization within your group of nursing assistants and how accurately you doyour job it the most important thing you could do. Not being organized and not giving the correctcare to the resident could harm you as the nursing assistant or the facility itself. In my eyes, whatyou are told when you are trained should be the correct ways to do everything, if you are taughtone way but it’s done another way when you actually do the job, it is very misleading and shouldbe handled or else you will have an unorganized facility with plenty of chaos such the facilitiesin the
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