Gender Roles In Macbeth

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The idea of gender roles is a very controversial topic in our world today. From positions in the workplace, to the roles people possess in the household, these actions are what form today’s society. The responsibility men and women carry in our world has been a concept that stems from thousands of years of evolution. The great playwright Shakespeare showcases gender roles in a complex manner that many people had never seen before. His play Macbeth, though fictional, brings up very prevalent topics to our world today. While analyzing this play one finds key themes that relate to the obligations held by men and women and how the pressure of such obligations affect the the subconscious mind. Having the ability to see this different perspective allows the reader to understand gender roles and gives one a new way of perceiving them.
Even back in the pre domestic days men were thought of as the head of the household. While women were at home taking care of the children and aiding to crops, the men were the ones that went out to hunt and gather for their families. Men were the protectors of their families and this same idea has continued throughout the years. We grow up learning the roles of our parents, and those traits are what follow us into adulthood. Being apart of this society it is hard not to be affected by the culture and stigma associated with being a certain gender. Like discrimination when it comes to race, gender bias is highly common in our community. To this day I
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