Summary Of Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Eleanor Atwood

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2. I was particularly drawn to this book because of how it is currently so popular and there is a lot of interest surrounding it. When I was talking with both my friends about what book I should read this book came up many times. My mother has watched the tv show and just gushed about it, she loved it, so by reading this book I can talk to her about her interest and connect with her on the subject. Personally I enjoy reading mystery or romance books but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and go with something different. 3. Margaret Eleanor Atwood was born November 18, 1939 in Ottawa and grew up in Ottawa and the suburbs of Toronto where she currently lives (“Biography”). Her father had a career as an entomologist throughout her childhood.…show more content…
The society is turning no one into the guilty party but instead having everyone need to do something to solve their crisis. The character Aunt Lydia can been seen as struggling with this theme. She believes that by influencing her students she will be able to keep them innocent and away from evil (Novels for Students). The theme of identity in the novel is seen everywhere as this is something that almost everyone has gotten taken from them. Everyone has been reassigned names, no one is seen by their real name. Classism is seen as the women are grouped into classes Handmaid, Wife, Martha, and Econowife (Shmoop). The women especially are stripped of their identity and seen only for their bodies, and who they are and being educated is no longer important. The theme of freedom and confinement through the novel creates a sort of paradox. The Handmaids are forced into these lives of being almost trapped in their rooms aside from performing their household duties and going to few societal events (Shmoop). By bearing children they are given freedom in life and being rewarded for this by not being put to death. It also confines them to a life where they give birth to children that are taken from them and fathered by someone who they are not in love
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