Gender Roles In Media

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Blue is for boys.
Pink is for girls.
Boys don’t cry.
Don’t be such a girl.

Today, gender roles are shifting. The influence of media is growing. New identities are being carved. Vital statistics are being rewritten.

Gender is a culturally constructed factor that refers to the behaviours and attitudes a particular society expects from males and females, depending on their biological sex. Media through its messages, have played and continues to play an important part in the forming and reinforcing of gender stereotypes and the expectations about gender roles.
Much has been written about the portrayal of women and stereotyping in the media and in advertising. However, there are a number of advertisements that target men, trying
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The chapter, ‘Faces of a man’ speaks of the various roles a man adorns in his life. A man is expected to be funny, witty, responsible, financially sound and decisive. He is also assumed to be incapable of handling a kitchen, a budget or children. Advertisements have contributed immensely in strengthening and in some surprising cases, breaking down these stereotypes.

The second chapter, ‘Sex sells’ talks of how traditionally the term ‘sex appeal’ was used to refer to female alone; but nowadays, many an ads portray men as sexual objects with definite vital statistics. The age-old adage "sex sells" exists even in the 21st century ad environment. The notion is that sexual or sensual themes appeal to people 's natural, raw desires for physical contact, romance and relationships. Health and beauty items, fashion and alcohol are some products, often marketed with sexual appeal.
The chapter, ‘Adventure appeal’ is directed towards giving the impression that purchasing a product will change the individual’s life radically and fill it with fun, adventure and action. What we see in such advertisements is a range of male stereotypes: physical strength, companionship and adventure. A man is expected to be more than the average
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They promote masculinity as a body that is muscular and enhanced with multiple beauty products.

The erotic six-pack body is considered a delight for the women’s gaze. The perfect example that exemplifies this is the New Axe Dark Temptation advertisement which shows a man changing into a body of dark chocolate after he uses the deodorant. The ad then shows how women on the road find him irresistible and want to have a bite of him.

Such displays of male sexuality raises questions about gendered theories in popular culture and in reality. Many consumers believe that such portrayals of men subvert notions of a dominant male gaze and break down gendered notions and fixed representations.

However, it is not so because the male is given superhero qualities which is unreal for the ordinary man to reach upto. An example of this is the Smell like a Man, Man advertising campaign created for Old Spice. The campaign is also referred to as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. The model who features in this series of ads is a six-pack waxed hunk who
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