Gender In Advertising

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Blue is for boys.
Pink is for girls.
Boys don’t cry.
Don’t be such a girl.

Today, gender roles are shifting. The influence of media is growing. New identities are being carved. Vital statistics are being rewritten.

Gender is a culturally constructed factor that refers to the behaviours and attitudes a particular society expects from males and females, depending on their biological sex. Media through its messages, have played and continues to play an important part in the forming and reinforcing of gender stereotypes and the expectations about gender roles.
Much has been written about the portrayal of women and stereotyping in the media and in advertising. However, there are a number of advertisements that target men, trying
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One such is a close-up of a bottle of Bud Lite which explodes and a male voice-over says, ‘For the great taste that won’t fill you up, and never lets you down . . . make it a Bud Lite.’ These ads portray men as desperate individuals and that the two most important aspects of their lives is alcohol and women. These ads work on the principle that if a man uses that product all women will be enticed by his charm (actually, the charm of the product); and if these enticing women do not respond, the man can resort to drinking large amounts of alcohol as an expression of anger towards women and emerge as a manly being.

In this way, the product is sold and the man’s identity is standardised.

This kind of symbolic male revenge toward women is expressed in a different way in a Captain Morgan rum ad that appeared in the 2003 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. A cartoon character Captain Morgan is spraying water onto six bikini-clad women who are in the middle of a swimsuit photo shoot. These women are then seen huddled under an umbrella with the Captain who is grinning suspiciously. The water spray causes the women’s bathing suits to melt right off their bodies – that theory is inexplainable, though. Two men stand to the right of the photo with arms raised to the heavens as though they are religious
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