Gender Roles In Mesoamerica

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Shadelle Goodson Annotated Bib Date Plumber, Hannah Gender in Mesoamerica: Interpreting Gender Roles in Classic Maya Society (2011): Print The author, who is a part of the Maya research team, used iconography to assist with their study of past gender roles in Mesoamerica. Through iconography examination, and the study of Mayan art, and writing, they were able to determine different aspect of the male sexuality at that time. It was also easier being that they illustrated men in their art more than women. Their findings showed that the males were as they stated, “fluid than any normative heterosexual model would allow.” In contrast, based on their clothing, and costumes that distinguished gender roles, it showed that the male Mayans could always be considered dual gendered. Kanvagh, Kara Vol 1 Priemer, General Anthropology Gender Identity in the Past and Present (2011) This author uses essays from the book Exotic No More: Anthroplogy on Front Lines to support her research about the various roles of gender in societies. Her main focus, and example was showcasing the Western society and how they classified gender. In the past, gender roles were mostly composed up of the same gender. For example, domestic duties were for women, not men. However, the Western society allowed gender roles that were made up of both male and female.

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