Gender Roles In Mesopotamian Society

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Humans have always had a unique perspective on gender roles. Throughout history, women have somehow became less superior to men. There are multiple variables to how and why this came to be. Whether it was the agriculture revolution, influential literature, or even climate events from the Mesopotamian civilization, males have managed to be more dominant. There has also been harmful sexism perspectives passed down each generation that could have triggered what women can and cannot do. However based upon evidences drawn by numerous historian writers, there are answers to why women roles have somehow been overlooked.
Since the beginning of time, there has always been important roles for men and women to follow. These roles included men doing hard labor, while women did housework and handled all of the children. However, once the agricultural revolution began to raise, women were required to
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In early society, there are impacts caused by all forms of literature. There is a written research journal done by Vern L. Bullough, Brenda Shelton, and Sara Slavin, titled "Formation of Western Attitudes Toward Women", that has documented some important myths and stories revolving around women. Bullough, Shelton and Slavin documented a legend from the Sumerian society revolving around the goddess, Tiamat (p.6). In the legend, Tiamat was seen as one of the most superior goddesses. However the goddess was soon killed by a male god named Enlil. Although this may seem to be simple story, the tale has had an influence on the Sumerian society. This legend shows that even in fiction, males are still seen as superior compared to women. Sexist myths, such as the one about Tiamat's death, could have negatively influenced storytellers and young girls and women in general. Overall stories and legends have and would always affected art cultural. Meaning that they will always have an impact on people no matter what time period

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